Thursday, February 23, 2012

School begins in Richmond, IN


To begin a career in truck driving, the most important thing to have is your CDL. Without it you can’t drive a truck, so it is definitely the place to start. To get a CDL, you need to go to truck driving school. So, where should you go? Why not try a school that is considered to be the best in the trucking industry?

CR England has always been very proud of their Premier Truck Driving School, and it truly is considered to be the best truck driving school in the industry. With 4 locations throughout the U.S., England has helped place many great drivers on the road. And now, CR England is going to ramp up their numbers even more by opening up a new school in Richmond, Indiana.

The school in Richmond will make the total number of Premier Truck Driving Schools to 5, enabling more drivers to get their CDL and start a career in trucking. England’s Premier Truck Driving School is a three to four week program where students receive a mix of both classroom and hands-on training. With this trucking school, students receive the training they need with a special emphasis on driver safety.

CR England’s Premier Truck Driving School is dedicated to training drivers with the skills they need for a life on the road. With the guarantee of employment upon successful completion of the school, students are urged to drive even better and likewise, the instructors train even better.

Also, when attending Premier Truck Driving School, transportation to the school and lodging are provided during your stay. At the new Richmond location, the school is conveniently close to the Greyhound bus station. In fact, once students arrive at the station they will be able to see the school and a short walk will take them directly to the Richmond location.

With the ability to receive training both in the classroom and on a truck CR England’s Premier Truck Driving School is the way to go. Each of C.R. England’s schools are set up to provide the best training a trucker could ask for. By attending a C.R. England truck driving school you will know that you are receiving the best truck driver training available.

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