Monday, September 13, 2010

CR England Trucking Company has a 24-hour Recruiter Hotline

C.R. England Trucking Company now has a 24-hour recruiter hotline for those people who can’t make it to the phone during working hours. It’s new and seems to be very popular with experienced drivers as well as truck driving students on the road. Started in mid-July, it has become a necessity for those wanting more information about becoming a driver for CR England and wanting to talk to a live recruiter.

According to the recruiting department at C.R. England, it is a hit and the number is well used. People who have questions call in before going online to fill out their online application. The recruiters are friendly and informative with knowledgeable answers to help drivers decided if C.R. England, Inc. is the right company for them.

There are times when a driver is looking for a new company, whether by lay off or looking for a better future. They drive all day and by nightfall, it’s to late to call for answers to his or her questions. They can call the CR England Hot Line at 1-866-380-1985, and get their answers even if it’s during the middle of the night. Drivers love the service as well as those looking to step into the field.

If drivers or even non-drivers are interested in going to C.R. England Trucking for school or already have their CDL, call 1-866-380-1985 to have your questions answered. If you are ready to start with CR England Trucking, go online and apply at, click on the trucking jobs tab and then the apply now button to begin the journey to your new career.


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